Four Seasons
Intestinal Hygiene Control


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Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Control is a gentle herbal preparation made from 100% natural ingredients. Used and trusted for hundreds of years, and tolerated by even the most sensitive animals.

Four Seasons will not adversely affect the protective natural gut flora.

Once know as a “Natural Wormer”, due to regulatory requirements, Four Seasons herbal tincture is now described as an ‘Intestinal Hygiene Control’ product. The formulation of this product has not been altered in any way.

Four Seasons may be given to dogs, bitches in whelp. cats in kitten, poultry, puppies, rabbits

Please note: “natural wormer”
Strict EU guidelines, governed in the UK by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, restrict the use of words and information that may portray a product as a registered medicine.