Fish Jerky


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High in protein (over 80%), fish finger treats are made from 100% fish skins and naturally dried. Caught in sustainable fishing grounds and handmade in Grimsby, there are no additives and no preservatives, just an all-natural, nutritious and tasty treat that dogs love!

They’re not only low in fat; they’re also a rich source of Omega 3. Important for supporting healthy joints, coats, skin, heart, eyes and weight. Omega 3 also aids in brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour.

Fish fingers range from 6-9cm. They’re perfect for helping to exfoliate your dog’s teeth, removing plaque and tartar as they chew; they really are nature’s toothbrush!

Because this is a natural product, colour and size may vary slightly.

Wheat-Gluten Free + Hypoallergenic