Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets


Natural support for your pet – whether for day to day health, immunity, skin or joints

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Product Description by Dorwest:

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Natural support for your pet – whether for day to day health, immunity, skin or joints

One of our best sellers for 60 years, and a fundamental Dorwest herbs ‘staple’ product, packed full of natural active compounds to support general health and help keep your pet feeling their best. Garlic and fenugreek are both known for their beneficial health properties; garlic provides supportive, soothing and cleansing effects, as well as helping to maintain the body’s defences against parasites and infectious agents. While fenugreek contains soothing and antioxidant compounds to neutralise free radicals. The beneficial effects are seen across multiple body systems, including the skin, joints and immune system:

General health – helps keep your pet in top condition

Immunity – supports the immune system

Skin – supports skin turnover and function

Joints – helps to maintain comfort and mobility

How do Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets help my pet’s skin?

Healthy skin is a vital first line of defence against disease and an essential part of a happy pet, so skin problems can be a real source of misery! Unfortunately they are common, especially in dogs, with a wide range of potential causes.

Garlic and fenugreek contain active compounds that are proven to help the body remain strong against disease, parasites and infectious agents in a variety of ways, as well as amino acids that are essential for growth and repair. When combined, these two superherbs complement each other, boosting their overall effects.

Our Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets help maintain normal skin function – especially important when the skin may need some extra TLC due to sensitivity. They also support normal ongoing skin turnover – vital for healing and maintaining the skin barrier; one of your pet’s most important defences against disease. Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets are particularly effective when used in combination with our Green Releaf Tablets.

How do I give Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets?

Our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets should be given daily, ideally splitting the dose to give half in the morning and half in the evening. They can be given with or without food. Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets should be given for at least a month and can be used long-term to help support your pet`s immune system – so they are ready to fight off whatever life throws at them.

For skin conditions it’s best to use for at least a month before expecting to see the full beneficial effects (as skin takes about three weeks to regenerate in dogs). If you know your pet suffers with their skin at particular times, for example due to pollen allergies, you can start using our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets a month before. Using with our Green Releaf Tablets can help maximise results.

Should I be worried about garlic toxicity?

You may have been told that garlic is toxic to dogs and cats and so wonder why we sell garlic products specifically for them? It’s true that garlic can be toxic to our pets but like with many things, it comes down to how much and how it is administered. Even people can experience some nasty side effects if they consume too much garlic!

Our garlic-containing products are developed to allow you to administer a consistent, measured amount of garlic to your pet, so that they can enjoy the many benefits of garlic and you can have peace of mind. A recent study demonstrated that giving garlic extract to dogs, at a much higher amount than that found in our products, had no adverse effects.


Active ingredients: Fenugreek seeds 16mg; essential oil of garlic 0.22mg


Initial 3 weeks: 2 tablets per 10 kgs bodyweight daily.

Maintenance: 1 tablet per 10 kgs bodyweight daily.

Amount can be doubled if required.

May be crushed for easy administration.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Can be given in conjunction with other medications, if you are unsure please contact us for further advice or information

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