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Bone Broth Pouch


500ml per pouch

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Dogs Butcher – Bone Broth Pouch 500ml

500ml pack
Protects Joints – Bone broth is a fantastic source of collagen and gelatin. This protein helps form connective tissue and promotes joint health.
Detoxes the Liver – Livers only have a certain amount of the amino acid glycine; since bone broth contains glycine, it helps the liver get back on track.
Supports Gut Health and Digestion – Bone broth contains gelatin which helps restore and protect the gut lining. This fights against leaky gut and improves digestion.
Bone broth has many phenomenal benefits – it is rich in many nutrients, especially amino acids such as arginine, glycine, glutamine and proline.
Joint rejuvenation – Bone broth also acts as a superior joint supplement, as it contains gelatin (the breakdown of collagen), glucosamine, chondroitin and other nutrients that support good joint health.

This product can be defrosted, and portioned out. Suitable for re freezing as long as it is refrozen as soon as its defrosted. Store in a freezer at -18c or below and in a fridge at 4c or below once defrosted.

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