Albion Standard
Beef Dinner

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Albion Standard
Beef Dinner Raw Dog Food

Albion’s Standard Complementary Beef Dinner contains British Beef, Chicken, Chicken Heart and Chicken Liver. Each comes in 454g packs which are easy to store in the freezer.

Following the Prey Model Diet means striving to feed the exact diet dogs would naturally consume. To get the perfect nutritional combination, Prey feeders aim for meals to provide 80% Raw Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Offal.

A Complementary Feed for Working Dogs also may be suitable for other carnivores.

Single 454g packs or 24 x 454g packs

Composition: 70% Beef, 20% Chicken, 5% Chicken Heart, 5% Chicken Liver

Mince Size: 6.25mm maximum

Contains ground bone

Analytical Constituents per 100gms: Moisture 68.2%, Protein 17.5%, Crude Oil 11%, Crude Ash 2.6%, Crude Fibres 0.05%.

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1 x 454g, Box – 24 x 454g